TV Series

Created by Santi Suárez


Status: In production

An author’s project, an original and innovative television format that is built on the voices of 6 of the best screenwriters and storytellers in our country. Their challenge is to write a script using… playing with… archive images. From different film and photographic collections from all over the country (Filmoteca de Catalunya, TV3, National Archive of Catalonia, Mas Iglesias Image Center of Reus, Municipal Archive of Girona, Regional Archive of Anoia, Image Center of Tarragona…), the scriptwriters have to build an original story, thus turning real images into part of a

Length: 6 x 26′.

V.O.: Catalan

A production of: Un Capricho de Producciones for TVC (Televisió de Catalunya).

With the support of: ICEC (Institut Català de les Empreses Culturals) and Institut Ramon Llull.

Executive Producer: Belén Sánchez Silvero and Santi Suárez Baldris

Production: Patricia Fombella

Directors: Alberto Marini, Liliana Torres, Natza Farré, Fernanda Rossi, Pep Bras, Joan Grau

Editing: Mariona Guiu, Aurora Sulli

Postproduction, Color Correction: Artic Films

Graphic Design: Kote García aka Berberecho Productions

Awards and festivals

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