Dir. David Fernández de Castro


Status: In distribution
Priorat | Poster Documental

The story of the radical transformation of the Priorat is epic and exciting. In just a few years, it was no longer a depressed region but one of the most prestigious wine-growing areas in the world. The protagonists of this story are, of course, the people of the region itself, but also… the Magnificent Five. This is the nickname given to a group made up by René Barbier, Daphne Glorian-Solomon, Álvaro Palacios, José Luis Pérez and Carlos Pastrana. At the beginning of the eighties, there were five crazy, visionary and brave young people who would end up revolutionising the wine sector in Spain.

Genre: History – Society – Wine

Duration: 52′ / 70′.

O.V.: Catalan, Spanish, English

Production Companies: Lastor Media / Un Capricho de Producciones

Co-producer: TVC

With the collaboration of: ICEC, Diputació de Tarragona, DOQ Priorat

Written by: Toni Orensanz, Santi Suárez-Baldrís, David Fernández de Castro, Tono Folguera

Disponible en: Filmin, Guide Doc

Producers: Belén Sánchez, Tono Folguera

Executive Producers: Sergi Moreno, Santi Suárez-Baldrís, Danielle Schleiff

Executive Producers TVC: Joan Salvat, Muntsa Tarrés

Cinematography: Román Parrado

Editing: Carlos Prieto

Sound Design: Diego Casares

Awards and festivals

  • Opening Film of the ‘Cinema and Wine’ Section. Seminci (Valladolid, Spain. 2015)
  • Best Documentary and Audience Awards. Memorimage Festival (Reus, Spain. 2016)
  • Catalan Wine’ Award from INCAVI. Most International Wine and Cava Film Festival (Vilafranca, Spain. 2016)
  • Official Selection IDFA (Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 2016)
  • Best Documentary Nomination, Gaudí Awards (Catalan Film Academy. 2016)
  • Official Selection Sofia International Film Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria. 2016)
  • Official Selection Thessaloniki International Festival (Thessaloniki, Greece. 2016)
  • Best Documentary of the Iberian Peninsula, Art&Tur Festival (Leiria, Portugal, 2017)

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