Young Bird

Feature Shortfilm

Dir. David Montosa


Status: In distribution

Inma is, with barely 15 years old, forced to serve her house and her family, because despite having her older brother Jose, Inma is a woman and this is what women do. But her reality is altered when she meets Ramón, who awakens in her desires unknown until now. The interest is mutual and Ramon, older and much wiser, will try to see her without the gaze of Jose, who immediately suspects the boy. Thus Inma, alone, will be forced to decide her own life with a freedom that everyone denies her.

Genre: Drama

Duration: 13′

V.O.: Spanish

Production companies: Un Capricho de Producciones

Written by: David Montosa

Producers: Belén Sánchez Silvero, Federica Monge

Production Manager: Federica Monge


Assistant director: Irene Soms

DOP: Beatriz Delgado

Art director: Anna Segui

Costume designer: Jojo Vintage

Makeup: Noelia Jurado

Direct sound director: Tamara Lores

Editing: Lara Carolina Grimberg

Sound editing and postproduction: Ana Barón

Sound design: Alejandro Lévar

Design and sound mixing: Dani Zacarías, Jonathan Darch

Direct Sound: Carlos Lidón

Casting Director: Déborah Borque

Casting: Ingrid García Jonsson, Joe Manjon, Elena Martín, Lorena López, Carlos Troya

Awards and festivals

  • Official Selection: Short Films Malaga – 2023
  • Screenplay Award for the Audiovisual Creation Grants – Malaga Film Festival – 2022

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